Tuesday, August 10, 2021

US Postal Service finalises plan to slow certain mail deliveries

On Friday, it was announced that the US Postal Service have finalised a plan to slow down some of their First Class mail deliveries in an effort to cut down on red ink usage.


Starting from the 1st October, this initiative will change the existing 1-3 service days to 1-5 days. According to Reuters News, the postal service will keep 61% of the mail at its current standard.


The change will also have an effect on delivery service, which will be slower for around 7% of periodicals. Speaking on the matter, Postmaster General Louis said the plan makes a commitment to deliver to “every address in the nation, six days a week, and strives for financial sustainability.”


In a notice published by USPS in the Federal Register, they state how the US Postal Service currently relies heavily on air transport, which is costly due to “weather delays, network congestion and air traffic control ground stops.”

This addition of one or two days to the current service standards will “enable the Postal Service to convey a greater volume of mail within the contiguous United States by surface transportation.”  


USPS reported a $3 billion quarterly net loss on Friday, however this is thought to be caused by changes in delivery due to the pandemic.


The changes proposed by the US Postal Service are set to cut £160 billion in predicted losses over the next 10 years.


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