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We love our planet. We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We must protect our world for future generations and we encourage all staff and customers to work together to reduce our impact on the environment and our carbon footprint.

Wherever possible, we source environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. We look for ways to reduce waste. We recycle waste to save on raw materials and energy. All of our waste paper is recycled, including GDPR compliant recycling. We reuse cardboard whenever we can. We are eliminating single-use plastics. We optimise our transport to minimise our carbon footprint.

We are dedicated to offering sustainable services for our clients. From your choice of paper, envelope, paper-wrapping and even your postal selection, we can tailor your solution to match your commitment to the environment. We can also advise on green requirements to take advantage of some Eco-Mail postal discounts. We ensure any returns are processed to generate less waste and help reduce the carbon footprint.

Our environmental policy is our pledge to reduce our impact on the environment.

We will avoid unnecessary waste; re-using or separating and recycling whenever possible.

We will make every effort to maintain and reduce our impact on the environment through careful use of resources.

We will comply with environmental laws and regulations.

We will adhere to the environmental requirements of our customers.

We will constantly communicate the best practices to our employees.

We will provide our team with a safe and healthy work environment.

We will utilise eco-friendly materials whenever possible and bio-degradable materials where viable.

We will avoid unnecessary printing of paperwork and preferential use of electronic document usage.

We will make efficient use of water and power; utilising energy saving warehouse lighting and maintaining IT equipment to ensure efficiency.

We will evaluate our partners on a periodic basis to ensure our environment vision harmonises with their own environmental policy.

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