Thursday, November 16, 2023

Proud Sponsors of Race Against Dementia

InterSend's sister company, Magazine Supermarket are a proud sponsor of Race Against Dementia, a charity founded by former UK racing driver, Sir Jackie Stewart.

We are excited to support their New Year event, Atlantic Dash, which will see two supporters row the Atlantic Ocean from Lanzarote to Antigua in a vessel called Destiny’s Tide.

Business owner, Neil Glover and professional mountaineer, Jason Black, take on the unique experience of crossing an ocean in a rowing boat. A challenge that will see them row 5000km west from Marina Rubicon in Lanzarote, until they reach their final destination, The Jolly Harbour in Antigua. They say, “We are supporting the race against dementia. If we row together we can help talented research scientists continue to seek preventative treatments and cures for dementia.”
Learn more about their challenge and help support this important cause with us here:

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